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NorthStar Consulting Group provides superior management consulting services to the utility and transportation industries. Both industries are similar in that they are capital intensive, exist in a highly competitive business environment, and have complex management issues to be addressed.

Economic shifts and deregulation have had a significant impact on the utility industry and have caused executives 
to rethink traditional business practices. NorthStar has assisted public and private utilities in the electric, gas, and telecommunications sectors to develop strategies to successfully compete in this ever-changing business environment. 

The transportation industry has undergone a radical change over the last few decades. Some of these changes include rapid growth of cargo and passenger volumes, advances in transportation technology, airline and rail deregulation and consolidation, security and safety, environment and socio-economic pressure, and growing demands on financial resources are just a few issues that individuals who are concerned with the movement 
of goods and people must address. 

NorthStar assists our clients tackle their most challenging and complex management issues. We believe that the strong implementation focus of our practice, combined with our experience in facilitating the change process in 
a variety of client environments is unique in the consulting profession and the key to our success. 

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