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Transportation executives are confronted with an increasing range of issues in a constantly-changing industry. Competition for new markets, technology improvements, environmental and socio-economic pressures, privatization, and increasing capital investment programs are all converging to change the face of the transportation industry. Addressing these issues requires an understanding of complex strategies, tools, and technologies that can be utilized to increase revenues, meet customer expectations, reduce costs, and optimize organizational performance while lessening adverse conditions to the community and environment. So whether your organization is a privately-owned, state, county, or city port authority, NorthStar Consulting Group helps executives address the forces of change and shape strategies for success in this increasingly intricate and dynamic industry.

NorthStar delivers a comprehensive set of service offerings that can be leveraged effectively for your organizationís needs. Our knowledge areas include strategic planning and implementation, organizational analysis and design, operations management, capital program advisory services, financial management and analysis, and process and performance improvement. NorthStar consultants bring strategic direction, analytical ability, and experience to formulate practical management solutions to suit your organization.


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